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Ultimate Customization

Plug and Play Presets
The Styles settings provides a user friendly interface for easily customizing the stylistic elements of the template, such as color pickers for link, font or background colors. You can choose from ten predefined presets or create or customize your own.
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Responsive Layout

Callisto is built with a Responsive Layout, which means it automatically adapts to the viewing device, so will expand and contract accordingly to the size and resolution of the screen, whether mobile, tablet or desktop. This ensures a consistent, and easy to maintain, appearance for your site.

Mobile friendly with responsive layout and Offsection position

Wspomnienia z warsztatów

Od 20 lat prowadzimy warsztaty oparte na doświadczaniu w modelu Hook, Book, Look, Took.
Get to know yourself, understand others
Certyfikacja MBTI opis iNtuitive
Wysoce efektywny zespół
Efektywna Współpraca
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Ocena 360 MBTI
Facylitacja w biznesie
MBTI materiały
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